It's that time of the year again,  the winter months have gone and your lawn is starting to grow again.  Consider a full lawn renovation this spring to ensure your lawn is the envy of your neighbours through the summer months and into next winter.

At Agrishop we can't help you with the hard work but we can help ensure you have the right products to get your lawn to its very best.


One of the biggest problems that you will face on your quest for 'the  perfect lawn' is controlling weed and foreign grasses from overtaking your masterpiece.  At Agrishop we have a wide selection of products that can effectively control these issue in your lawn.  We have selected two of the best herbicides which we believe  


A vertimower is a machine with vertical blades which removes the thatch from lawns.  Thatch is the build up of dead lawn,  this build up restricts the supply of water,  oxygen and nutrients to the roots of your lawn.


A lawn coring machine removes 'cores' of grass and soil from your lawn.  The major benefits of lawn coring include the ability for oxygen,  water and nutrients to be delivered to the root system of your lawn.


It is extremely important that you thoroughly check your reticulation system for any leaks or damaged pipes and sprinklers.  Your lawn will need watering throughout the renovation process and moving into the hotter months.

soil wetter

Soil easily become 'hydrophobic',  this means that water is unable to be properly absorbed by the soil and therefor is unable to properly reach the root system.  Ensure you use a good quality wetting agent as part of your renovation process and general lawn maintenance.


As with all living organisms your lawn requires food.  The correct use of fertiliser is important to ensure the delivery of essential nurients to your lawn.  We have a large range of premium fertilisers available for your lawn.

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